What happens at the end of my trial period?

As you can see on your account, you have a trial period for 15 days once your account has been created. 

How many days left

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Once your trial period is over (after 15 days), you will be able to connect your account for 90 days. However you won't be able to modify or add content or even create a channel and your content will no longer be visible (channels, webtv, embed code).

After 90 days, the access of your account will be locked. 

To regain the control on your account, you can subscribe anytime to one of our plans. You can see our plans on our pricing page.

After 12 months of inactivity and without any action from you, your account and your content will be deleted (according to our Terms and Conditions)

If you any question, you can send us an e-mail at support@libcast.com or you can subscribe for free to our webinars.


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