The best settings for your live

To have a live stream with the best quality, we advice several settings to optimize your live.

Those settings are based on our experience and also our customers feedback. You can find those settings in your back office, if you click on the following icon:

Function name Settings advice (video stream)
Encoding H 264
Profile Baseline
Bitrate 1840 kbps
Size 1280 x 720 (720p 16:9)
Frame Rate 25 fps
Keyframes frequency 2s


Function name Settings advice (audio stream)
Encoding AAC
Channel Stereo
Sample Rate 44100 Hz
Bitrate 128 kbps

You can enter those settings in your encoding software.

There are three different quality for the live : 

Format Size Video Bitrate Audio Bitrate
LD  640 x 360  480  128
SD  854 x 480   800   128
HD  1280 x 720  1840   128

The stream was designed to be adaptable according to the Internet connection of the user. To understand better this technology, you can read our article.


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