Vocabulary used for the Live streaming solution

When you create your live session, you can see several elements on the platform. Here is the description of each of them:

  • Mount Point: This allows you to know toward which address you have to send the live stream. You can buy as many as you need and create live sessions.  A mount point can be created for each classroom or meeting room for example.
  • Live session: You have unlimited amount of live sessions by mount point. A live session is an event attached to a mount point. 
  • Publication URL: This is where you live event has been published on your webtv.
  • Embed Code: This code will allow you to bring your live on your own website. You just have to copy/paste this code in your HTML code. 
  • Full URL (server + stream name): Some encoding softwares have only one field. This is why we are giving you this URL.
  • Server URL: The address toward which your live is sent on our server.
  • Stream Name: The unique ID  of your mount point on our server.
  • Bitrate: The quality sent. The higher bitrate it is, the higher your Internet connection has to be. So, you must have a bandwidth higher than 150% of the video bandwidth. For example, if you want to send an HD video with low bandwidth, the broadcast might be not in a good quality.

If you have any questions about the live solution, you can contact us by e-mail (support@libcast.com).

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