Add advertisement to your videos

The VAST (Video Ad Serving Template) is a standard that allows to link servers and video players. 

Our HTML5 player supports the VAST 2.0 standard and it's possible to display advertisement before the playing your videos on MP4 format.  

There are two steps to follow:

  • Contact an online video advertising platform to generate a VAST stream.

To get a VAST stream (in XML format), here are some online video advertising platform suggestions: 

  • Insert the VAST stream on the Libcast platform

Go on our platform and in a player behavior you can add the VAST URL. Thanks to this we can display ads on your videos. To create a new player behavior, read our article. 


Add advertisement to your videos

Finally, associate a player behavior to a publication in order to see your ads on your videos.  

Aide LibcastGood to know

The stream will be updated automatically, you don't have to add a new VAST URL, only if you change your online video advertising platform. 

Libcast takes no commission on sales.  

To learn more about monetization, read our blog article.


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