Description of our live technology

We create our own technology in order to offer you more security on your videos. On the image below you can see the different steps of the live:

The live technology

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Capture: with a/several camera(s) you can shoot the event and send the stream to your encoding software. 

Video Encoding: Your encoding software (Flash Media Live Encoder for example) allows you to convert your stream so that it can be read on several devices. 

Transmission: We are sending the stream to our servers in order to go faster. But also we are encoding the stream in several formats in order to send the best one according to the Internet stream. 

Broadcast: Your live can be read on our player, you can customize your player if you want.

Live: The viewer can watch the live from his computer/smartphone or tablet. 


Our HLS technology

We are using the HLS technology so that the live stream quality adapts according to the devices used. We are encoding and sending three formats to the viewers and according the Internet stream they can watch the live in HD, SD or LD. This technology is working on most of the browsers, but to learn more about the compatible terminals, you can read this article.

The HLS technology is also called HTTP Live streaming and is based on the HTTP protocole. This technology will cut into several sections the stream in order to send each times the best quality according to the Internet stream of the viewer.

For example, you are in a train watching a live stream on your smartphone. You are in the station, the connection is good but when you are in the country side, the stream is not as good. The live stream is automatically going to adapt.

This technology is going to encode your stream in 3 different formats, this can increase slightly the encoding time and the gap between the reality and the live. The gap can be between 15 and 45 seconds.

I advise you to have the best Internet connection in order to send a high quality and have a good result. You can visit this website to know more about your internet flow.


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