The live interface

On our interface you can navigate truth the differents tools in order to be succesfull on your live broadcasting.

To find this interface from your backoffice, click at the middle on " Live", you are then going to be redirecting toward a page like this one :

The live interface

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From this interface, you have several possibilities :

  • Find the advices settings, click at the top right. To know more about our settings, read our article.

  • Manage the accesses to the live, especially who can buy mount points or add live sessions
  • Find your embed code and bring your live session on your website. But if you tae only your embed code, there would have any protection on your live.
  • Published your live in a channel in your webtv. You can protect your live if you need. Then you can also find your embed code, it's not the same as the one in the embed code section.

  • Add a new live session, choose the begining and the end. I advice you to choose a session with large beginning and end in order to avoid the gap at the beginning. 

  • Buy new mount points, you jsut have to select "buy new mount point". You are then going to be directed to the payment page. You can choose which solution you want. If you prefer, you can send us an e-mail so that we can send you a quote based on your needs. 


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