How to create a group of users?

This topic is dealing with group of users creation. There is a function that allows you to add many users thanks to a CSV file. 

To add users, you have to go on the "users" section at the top right corner on the cogwheel, then "import-export" and add your CSV file.

You can download a file example below, you just have to convert into a CSV file. 


Download the file example

Once your file is ready, you just have to import it and fill in the fields :

  • Default profile : this profile will be applied for every users
  • Default groups : if you want to associate the users to a group in order to manage easily the permissions. For more details about groups creation, visit our dedicated page.


You shoul know that you have to upload a CSV file for each group.

For example, you are a school and you want to create a group for each class of students. You just have to creat files for each classes and creat a group. 

You have now created your users, thanks to the password and the e-mail address they can watch the videos depending on the permissions. 

You can manage the permissions for each video or channel. 


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