Where to follow our platform activity and understand our status?

Thanks to the status, you can easily see if there is any technical trouble on our server. Click here to access the page.  

Our color code for the status:

  • Green: our service is fully operational
  • Orange: We have identified a slowdown on the platform. Our technical team is working on it.
  • Red: the service is not available at the moment. 

On the first part of the status, there are eight sections:

  • Console: The console section represents the back office (in which you manage your videos and your account) availability. 
  • Frontends: The frontends represent the Libcast players on any websites (embed codes or directly on your Libcast project). If this section is in orange or red, the videos may have difficulties to be played. 
  • Webservices: this section is for our users who also are developers and integrate Libcast to their application. It concerns the API.
  • Transcoding: it is about video encoding. If this section is in orange or red, you will be able to upload your video but it may take more time than usual to encode it.
  • ACL: this section concerns the multi-users option and all the permissions related to your videos. 
  • Analytics: this section represents the statistics availability on the console (user engagement, geolocation etc.).
  • Files system: it is our storage capacity.

Our status

Under these sections, you can find the "system metrics" on which you can see how many videos are encoding at the moment. If a lot of videos are encoded, your videos may take more time to be encoded (see above "transcoding" section). If it the case for your video, no need to re-upload it, it is in the queue and will be encoded as soon as possible

Last but not least, at the bottom of this page, you can see the summary of the "Past Incidents" resolved by the technical team.

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