Encoding Management

Libcast produces 3 different formats of your videos and each format is in a different resolution to have your videos read on several screens. But you can manage the encoding preferences in order to choose in which format you want your videos.

It's possible to add a new encoding module as well.

First, you have to go on the wheel and select "Encoding". 

Then, you can manage the encoding preferences. 

The top part of the page are the default transcoding settings. If you need to adjust the transcoding you can move the sliders. 

Aide Libcast Good to know:

When you change the transcoding settings, you have to "Reencode" the old videos if you want them with the new settings. To reencode your videos, you have to go on your briefcase on the thumbnail of the video and select "Reencode". 

Add a new transcoding rule

Click on "New flavor", name it and validate your transcoding rule. From now, each new video will be transcode with those settings.


Aide Libcast Good to know:

The more transcoding rules you've got the less videos you can put on your briefcase. Because it's will take more space on your quota. 

If you decide to reduce the encoding, it's will increase your storage but will reduce the quality of your videos. 


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