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The Studio is a special interface of the video platform enabling you to enrich your videos before publishing them. It is accessible directly from your briefcase using the "Studio" button available in the drop-down menu of every video. 

The changes on the video appear on the briefcase with a new icon as soon as you have saved. 

Use Libcast Studio to enrich your videos

The improvements realized with the Studio do not reduce your storage quota even if they appear as a new content. It is possible to create different sequences, chapters etc from the same file. 





"Sequence video" is the first function accessible on the Studio.

It enables you to :

  1. define the start point 
  2. and the ending point of a part of the video. 

in order to publish just a part of the video to your audience.

Click on the timeline without releasing to create the start point, then, slide and release on the ending point.

Add Chapters 

In order to add chapters to your video, click on "Add chapters to the video". 

As soon as the timeline is loaded :

  1. Click on the timeline where you want to create a new chapter 
  2. Then, name the chapter and add a description to each chapter.

Each click creates a new chapter. Save to see the results in your briefcase.

Create Rich-Media 

The Rich-Media function enables to add slides from a document already present on your briefcase (Powerpoint, Word, PDF) to your video.  

As soon as you have clicked on this button, the list of all documents hosted on the platform appears on the right bottom. Click on the name of the document you want to associate with the video. All the pages of the document appear as a coverflow under the video. 

Click on the green timeline at the moment you want to add the slide, then, click on the thumbnail of the page associated. 

Repeat the operation for all the slides you want to add.

Note : you can associate slides from different documents on the same video. To do so, click on "Change document" on the top of the coverflow. 

Then, click on Save. Your Rich-Media video will appear on your briefcase (My Documents). You can publish it as any other video. 


The fourth function of the Studio enables you to upload subtitles files (.SRT format) to propose to your audience a multilingual video. 

You can add as many subtitles as you want on the same video. 

Aide Libcast Good to know

All the different enriched version of a video can be deleted without any consequence on the video. However, deleting the original content will delete the enriched versions. 

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