How to set up Flash Media Live Encoder?

When you want to broadcast a live stream there are different steps to follow:

1. You have to connect your camera (or several) to an encoding software.

2. Configure the stream on a streaming server through the encoding solution. 

3. Receive the video stream through the streaming server.

Live Technology

The necessary equipment:

-A camera

-A computer

-A good internet connection, it's important to send your video in high quality. 


Thanks to this article you are going to be able to set up Flash Media Live Encoder as well in order to broadcast a live streaming from Libcast platform. 

First, you have to download the software, here

This free software can be setting up on every computer. The screenshots are made on IOS, but the software is the same on Windows. 

Step 1 : Upload and set up Flash Media Live Encoder:

First, visit the website to upload for free the software. Once it's uploaded, open the software and select the source of the stream in "Device" for both "Video" and "Audio" entries. 

Setting up FMLE

Step 2 : Configure the Flash Media Live Encoder broadcasting settings:

Once the audio and video sources are defined, you just have to configure the broadcasting server. 

The first field "FMS URL" is about the streaming video server address. You have to fill it up with the destination address, it's always beginning with "rtmp://". For example if you have a Libcast account it will be: rtmp://

The next field is "stream", thanks to this you can send your live toward your account.

Finally, you can connect and try the stream in order to validate the information. You are now connected to the broadcast server but you are not sending your stream. 

Verify the informations

But when you connect your stream you might have a windows that tells you "Problem with Primary Server", this might be because the 1935 port of your Internet box is closed. You just have to contact your ISD in order to be able to send your live stream. 

Open the 1935 port

Finally, you just have to start your live. 

If you have other streaming details, you can also use them.


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