Profiles management

The profiles determine the access rights and modification rights of the Users of a project. To manage them, click on the small wheel on the right of the top menu then click on Profiles

You can create as many combinations as you want. However, only one profile can be associated to a User (contrary to the roles that you can double up).

The User Profile will determine the functions available for the User as well as the storage quota allocated to him.

In the example below, the User on the left can access the shared files whereas the User on the right can't.

Manage the functions available for the users with the profiles


Other example, you can determine if the User can access the Analytics tool or not. 

Manage the functions available for the users with the profiles - Analytics example

Create a new profile

To create a new profile, go to  > Profiles > Create a profile

First, name the profile and determine the quota of storage allocated to this profile. Save. You will then access the list of all the functions of the platform (see below), gathered together by themes (actions on the files, actions on the users...), and you can define the rights.

The list of all the existing profiles appear and these ones can be edited or deleted.

Assign a profile to a user 

When a profile (or several profiles) is ready, you can create users. To know how to create a user account, read this article. To be created, a user must be assigned to a profile

Go to > Users > Create a User

You will find the profiles already created in the drop-down menu "users profiles". When you save, the user is associated to the profile.

Assign a profile to a user account

Modify or delete a profile 

Click on the pen icon next to the profile you want to edit. As soon as you Save the changes, all the users with the profile will be impacted by the changes. Click on the no entry sign icon next to the profile to delete a profile. All the users will be impacted by this change. 

Go to > Profiles  and choose :

  • the pen  to edit a profile;
  • the no-entry sign  to delete it.

When you edit a profile, the changes impact all the users immediately

The complete list of available functions on the Users Profiles

(click to zoom)

Les profils 

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