This page explains and defines the different features of Libcast online video platform :

  • Console :

The Console is the back office of the application. It is accessible after creating an account on Depending on the offer you have subscribed to, you have a storage quota allocated (3Go for the free offer, and from 50 to unlimited Go for the Premium accounts) in order to upload and publish your videos. The five main sections of the Console are : the briefcase, the publications, the customization, the statistics and the administration

  • The briefcase or "My Documents":

The briefcase is one of the five main areas of the Console. It is the first step when publishing videos online. Indeed, you can upload your videos from your computer, from a micro or a webcam in this section. The content uploaded in the briefcase can be sorted out in folders, edited or enriched via the Studio. The sharing functions of your videos among the users can be edited in this section as well.

All the videos uploaded and accessible in the briefcase are visible only by the account holder. The publication is essential in order to broadcast your videos. 

  • Content : 

We call content an audio, video or image file or a document and a presentation, uploaded in your briefcase and encoded (a thumbnail represents it in the interface). A content can be published, modified, enriched with the Studio, shared or downloaded on your computer. 

  • Rich-Media content :

A Rich-Media content is a video uploaded in your briefcase and improved thanks to Libcast studio with chapters, subtitles and even pages of a document also available in your briefcase.  

  • Publication :

A publication is a video in your briefcase for which you specify the publication details (title, subtitle, description, starting date of the broadcasting, ending date of the broadcasting, channels and categories).

This step enable you to broadcast and deliver your video to your audiences. A same video can have different publications. Deleting a publication does not delete the video from your briefcase but deleting a video from your briefcase will delete, as a consequence, all the publications related to it.

  • Channels :

A channel is a publications container : it can be created by themes ("News", "Sport" etc.) and enable you to reunite and editorialize your videos to your audiences. By default, you only have one channel on your Libcast account. The creation of different channels takes place when adding an add-on. 

  • Publication canal : 

A publication canal is the "shape" of the channel : widgets, blog, RSS flux, API, webTV etc. A channel can have different publication canals if necessary. The accounts propose, by default, the publication canal "widgets". The add-ons enable you to deploy more canals on your project. 

  • Add-on :

An add-on enables you to spread the broadcast of your content published, adding a WebTV or blog front-office to your account. You can also format your channels to broadcast your content on iTunesU. Furthermore, the setup of an add-on unblocks the management functions of your channels (add / edit / delete) in order to manage your publication and optimize your project. 

  • Plug-in :

Plug-ins are connectors to install on your CMS, intranet, CRM, e-learning platform ... in order to directly manipulate Libcast and your content from these environments. They are proposed for free and open-sourced in order to simplify the integration of Libcast to your project. 

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