Badge player : Instructions

You can customize your video player with the logo of your organization or your brand through badge players

Customize your player with a badge

The player badges enable you to insert the picture of your choice, formerly uploaded in your briefcase, on the right of the playbar. This image can be clickable and redirect your audience to your website or any webpage. 

Create a player badge

Follow the three steps to create a badge :

  1. Upload an image in your briefcase in a .jpg, .png or .gif format (width : 150px and height : 50px).
  2. Declare your image as the logo of your platform : read this article to learn more on how to do it.  
  3. Then, go to Customization --> Players themes 

Customize your video player with your logo 

Associate a badge player

 In the video player customization interface:

  1. Choose the badge in the drop-down menu "Logo"
  2. and write the website URL you want your image to redirect to. (optional)
    Always write http:// at the beginning of the URL. 

Save your player theme : your badge will appear.

Associate a player theme to a widget or a publication

Read this article to know how to associate a player theme to a widget and this one to associate a player theme to a publication. 

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