Setting up your bank account

Libcast allows the monetization of your videos. You can sell your videos to your audiences defining a price and how long your video will be available. For example, you can make your video "My project" available for 2€ and for a week long. 

To monetize your videos, follow the three steps :

  1. Associate your Libcast account to a account in order to collect the sales. Then, add your bank account details to receive the money generated from your sales. 
  2. Define your offers : an offer is a combination of a price and an availability duration.
  3. Associate an offer to a video published in order to make available the sales interface on your Video Cards.

Setting up the video monetization

The access to the module is available on the top menu of the Console. 

Set up your Stripe account on Libcast

The first step is to associate a Stripe account to Libcast. 
Stripe is a payment platform that:

  • collects the payments from your customers
  • sends a receipt to your customers
  • transfers the money collected to your bank account every 5 days. 

It is not necessary to have a Stripe account : you can create it by clicking on the blue button "Connect with Stripe". 

Click on this button to connect your Libcast account to your Stripe one. You will need to do this operation only once, during the initial setup. 

Then, you will be asked to connect your Stripe account to the Marketplace Libcast.

Create or associate your Stripe account

  • If you already have a Stripe account : click on "Already have a Stripe account? Sign in"
  • If you don't have a Stripe account : create one from this page, filling all the fields. 

Verify carefully your bank account details in the following fields :

Fill the form with your bank account details to receive your payments

You will receive the payments from Stripe to this bank account. 
Your Stripe account is now created and you are automatically redirected to Libcast. 

From now on, the Monetization page presents the list of your offers.

Help LibcastGood to know :

  • You can follow your sales, edit your information and your parameters on 


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