Create and modify my Video Cards

The Video Cards present your videos in a web interface in responsive design. It benefits from multiple functions in order to reinforce your video SEO and facilitate its shareability on social networks.

Display the Video Cards

The Video Cards are the public interface of your published videos. 

The project name that you have defined when signing up to Libcast is the homepage URL of your publications. It is composed as follows: http://[YOURPROJECT] 

The homepage lists the latest videos published with the "visible" status all channels taken together. Then, it displays your channels with their last videos published, from the newest to the oldest. When creating your Project during the registration, a Channel "by default" is added to your project : you can see it on the public interface or when you go to your Console and when you click on "Display" next to your channel name.

Help LibcastGood to know ! 

You can customize the URL of your Video Cards with your domain name

Customize the Titles, subtitles and description of your publication or channels

You can edit at any time the title, subtitles and description of your portal.

Modify the appearance of your channel in the console

To edit the portal

  1. Go to My Channels --> Publications
  2. Hover over "Modify" and click on "Modify media
  3. Edit the information and Save

Modify the portal directly in Publications

To edit the channels : 

  1. Go to My Channels --> Publications
  2. Click on the pen icon next to the channel name you want to edit 
  3. Edit the information and Save

Edit your channel in my publications

Add a personal header

You can add a header on the top of your Video Cards interface to customize it. 

To add a header to your interface: 

  • Create an image to a .JPG, .GIF or .PNG format, with a width of 800px and the height of your choice. Be careful : the platform does not optimize the image (250 Ko. max)
  • Log in to your Console and go to : Publications -> Modify --> Modify Media;
  • Click on Customize, on the top menu of the page (next to Modify and Manage accesses)
  • Select your header in "Banner" (Customs area)
  • As soon as the header is uploaded, click on Save

Customize your channel with your own header

Display or remove the sharing buttons

By default, your Video Cards propose sharing buttons enabling your audience to share videos on social networks. 

You can choose to display or remove these buttons at your convenience. 

To manage the project sharing (and then, impacting all the videos published in the channels) or manage the sharing on a particular channel, go to :

  • My Channels --> Publications --> Modify --> Modify media for the whole project
  • My Channels --> Publications --> pen icon next to the publication to edit a channel. 

Then, choose to remove or display the sharing buttons with "ON" and "OFF". Click on Save and your Video Cards will be updated. 

Choose to enable your viewers to share your video 

Display or remove flux RSS button

You can create a RSS flux. To do so, go to My Channels --> Publications --> Customize and set up your RSS flux. 

Create a RSS flux to add to your Video Cards

Go back to edit your portal and verify that your settings are as you want : ON or OFF for the downloading and the reading of your video via the RSS Flux.

customize the access to your video via the RSS flux

 Customize the indexation fields


You can add metadatas different from the Title, Subtitle and Description to your videos in order to optimize their indexation and SEO :

  • The fields (ex : Productor , Location, Date etc) can be edited in your briefcase. Go to My documents --> Metadata management
  • Datas, are added to your publication as soon as the fields are created.

To learn more about this point, read the dedicated article

Optimize your video with metadata

Go further :

Add your Google Analytics tracker

You can add your Google Analytics tracker on all the pages of your videos published. To do so :

  • Log in to the Console and edit your portal : My Channels --> Publications --> Modify --> Modify media 
  • Click on Customize
  • Paste your Google Analytics tracker in the field "Google Analytics UA
  • Click on Save.

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