Create, modify, delete a Widget

Widgets are the "windows" that you open on the web pages (site, blog, social networks...) gathering all your published content. It reunites a player customization and a player behavior, associated to a resolution (see below).
You can create as many widgets as you want.

Access the widgets management.

In order to access the widgets management, you have to publish your video. Then, go to My publications, and click on the TV screen icon on the right of your publication name.

Create a widget to optimize the shareability of your video

Create a widget 

To create a Widget, you have to determinate the following elements :

  • Name : the name of your Widget (i.e. "for the website", "for the blog", "intranet" etc.)
  • Player theme : apply to your widget a player theme formerly created via this drop-down menu, 
  • Player behavior : apply to your widget a player behavior formerly created via this drop-down menu,
  • Dimensions : choose the dimensions of your Widget among the existing or create your own resolution.

Then, click on "Save". To edit or delete a widget, click on the pen icon or the no entry sign icon (available on the list). 

Embed a widget

As soon as you have saved, the Console gives you two codes : one Javascript and one iFrame. Copy-Paste one of them, depending on your CMS (indeed, some of the CMS favor one rather than the other one).

You will be able to edit later all the settings of your Widget without the need to change the embed code !

Embed a video in an email.

On the Widget page, you can also find an emailing code.
You can adjust the animated GIF dimensions of your video from the back office. To be compatible with mobile devices, use the "by default" dimensions. 

If you would like to make available this tool to other users (i.e. : to be used by salespersons), you can give them access to the emailing tool via your Video Card thanks to this button :  

Help LibcastGood to know 

Do not hesitate to browse our plug-ins library in order to easily integrate the widgets in your blog or website from your usual management tool.

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