Player Behaviors : Instructions

The player behaviors enable you to define the functions available for the users in the multimedia players when they are associated to videos. Libcast enables to create an infinite range of players behaviors. They are managed independently from the Widgets. 

The list of the existing behaviors and the managing tools are accessible from Customization > Player behaviors


Player Behaviour

Create a player behavior :

  • Name : the internal name of your player behavior
  • Autostart : click "ON" if you want your video to automatically start
  • API : for the Premium, if your video need to be control from the API.
  • Display play bar : if you want to show or not the play bar.
  • Language : the language of your player behavior
  • At the end of the video : 
  • Replay the video 
  • Watch an another video : if you want that the viewer watch an other video at the end. 
  • Open a link or JavaScript"s execution : if you want to add a CTA at the end of your video, read our dedicated article. 
  • Button label : the text to be displayed on the call-to-action 

Click on Save to create the new player behavior.

Modify and delete a player behavior :

Use the buttons on the right of the player name :

  • pen icon : to edit your behavior
  • no entry sign : to delete the behavior

Associate a player behavior to a widget or a publication :

Read this article to associate the player behavior to a widget or this one to associate it to a publication. 

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