Create a Webcast in order to live stream an event

The Libcast platform enables you to live stream videos in your publications area. 

To begin a live video streaming, you need to : 

  • prepare the broadcasting in your briefcase
  • then, choose where to publish it in your publication area. 

This article explains how to create and broadcast a Webcast from your personal account.

Step 1 : Create a Webcast in "My documents"

The first step is to create a Webcast content in "My Documents". You will need to write the title of the event, the streaming URL of your encoder, the beginning and end dates of the broadcasting. You also have additional fields such as the messages to be displayed before and after the live streaming. 

Click on Add a streaming URL 

For this first step :

  • Go to your briefcase
  • Hover over the "Add" button on the right
  • Click on Add a streaming URL

The Webcast settings

You need to fill various fields :

Determine your Webcast settings

  • Name : It is the name of your Webcast on your briefcase. You will be able to change this title when publishing it. 

  • Description (optional) : you can describe the theme of the Webcast. You will be able to choose to publish this text or not. 

  • Type : depending on your project, you can have indexed streams or not. If your stream is not associated to your account, write the stream URL of your encoder
    • Selection : choose in this drop-down menu one of the streams associated to your project (i.e. : Classroom X, Amphitheater Y etc.)
    • Manual : enter the streams URLs generated by your encoder. (i.e. : rtmp:// )

  • Webcast starting date : by clicking in the date field, a calendar appears on the interface enabling you to select the date and the hour corresponding to the beginning of the live streaming. You can publish your Webcast before the effective broadcast : the live streaming will automatically appear at the fixed date.

  • Introduction (optional) : You can insert in this field a text, a picture, a Flash element ... It will be displayed to the users before the effective beginning of the webcast.

  • Webcast ending date (optional) : if you know the end date/hour of your live streaming, select the date to stop the broadcast, even if the video streaming is still active. 

  • Conclusion (optional) : As the Introduction, you can add a text, picture ... It will be displayed after the end of the Webcast. 

As soon as these fields are completed, click on Save. Your Webcast appears on your briefcase as a blue waves icon.

You can preview your Webcast by double-clicking on the icon before publishing it. 

Step 2 : Publish your Webcast

You can now publish your Webcast in the channel(s) of your choice. 

Hover over the arrow at the top right of the Webcast icon, then, click on Publish on the drop-down menu. 

Publish your Webcast 

You need to set up the publication details and choose where to publish your Webcast, such as any publication on Libcast.

You can edit or delete your Webcast at any time. To do so, go to your Publications, then go to your Channel. Then, click on the pen icon to edit it or the no entry sign to delete it. 

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