Metadata : instructions

The meta-datas enable you to index your content without having to publish them. You can take advantage of this module if you want to consolidate your archives for example. The number of meta-datas is unlimited, you can create as many as necessary. 

Manage your metadata

Access the meta-data family

You can define the meta-datas in the briefcase. Hover over "My Documents" on the top menu of the Console, then, click on Metadata Management. The existing list appears, and you can create new meta-datas or edit and delete the existing ones.

Create a metadata

For every metadata, you have to fill the following fields :

  • Name : the name of your metadata (ex : author, scene, location...) 
  • Type : type of the metadata (see below)
  • File type : determine on which files the metadata will be applied
  • Require authentification : do you want the metadata to be required before publication ?
  • Default value : write the default values if your metadata is a list of choices. 

Then, click on "Save" to validate the creation. 

The different types of metadata supported

  • varchar : text : short text field
  • longvarchar : text : long text field
  • integer : input of an integer
  • bigint : decimal : input of big numbers
  • date : date format DD/MM/YYYY
  • boolean : closed question (yes/no)
  • choice : list of choices : depending on the values, a drop-down menu appears. 

Associate metadata to your content 

As soon as the metadatas are defined, you can index the fields of your content thanks to the Edit menu, in your video drop-down menu.  

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