Getting started with Libcast

You have just signed up to and opened the Console. Here are the first steps to begin ! For more information, contact the support team.

  • Upload your first content:  

The first step involves uploading your first content. Go to your briefcase ( "My Documents", on the left menu), hover over the button "Add" and click on "Upload from Hard Drive". The pop-up enables you to drag and drop the content you want to upload or to choose it with the button "Select one or more files" As soon as you have selected your videos, click on "Send file(s)". You can also directly record a message with a Webcam or a Micro. 

Click here to learn more about the briefcase.

The briefcase is the area where your uploaded files are sorted out

  • Publish a content

As soon as a content is uploaded and encoded (a thumbnail appears when the file is processing, right after its import), a contextual menu appears on the upper right corner in which you can find the "Publish" function.  By choosing it, you access a settings page. The only compulsory field is "Title", the other ones are optional and are only used for optimizing the indexation of the content if it is required in your project. 

Click here to learn more about the publication of a file. 

Fill the fields to optimize the indexing of your video

  • Create, Modify, Customize your video display :

We present the different possibilities to customize your Video Cards (background color, text, links) on this article, and you can customize your video player by clicking here.

If you also use the Widgets, you can read the article Create, Modify, Delete a Widget.

If you have the Libcast EDU (by default for the teachers) : read the article about Libcast EDU.

  • Follow the success of your project : 

- Analyze your audiences with the statistics tool : read the article Understanding the statistics tool  
- Read the comments : read the article Add a comment section to your Video Cards

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