Where to find my API key ?

The Libcast platform has at your disposal a API key enabling you to create, on third-party applications, uploader of multimedia content, encode videos, insert resources in LMS or CMS environments etc.

You can also need to access the API if you associate recording material to your project in order to collect films and/or live streaming flux produced by appliances.

Here are the steps to find the API key from your account :

  1. Go to libcast.com
  2. Log in or sign up 
  3. Go to your administration page
  4. You can find the key in the last field of this page 


  • Every user can access a unique API key;
  • In case of an account hacking, you can generate a new API key thanks to the link on the right of the field. 

Warning ! only the Standard, Premium and Business accounts can see this field and then, access the API.

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