How to activate the Disqus comments manager ?

Disqus is a centralized discussion and comments web service with unique authentification. It enables websites to offload the comment management, and to its users to be able to post comments using a unique account, whatever the website. 

How can you activate it on Libcast? 

Add Disqus to your Video-Cards to exchange with your audience

Go to Disqus and register your website/blog : write your website name, choose your disqus URL and choose a category corresponding to your website, blog, Libcast account theme. 

Log in to your Libcast account, then, go to My Channels and edit the channel clicking on the pen icon. Then, click on Customize, and write your Disqus username in the dedicated field.

Interact with your viewers in the comment section

Click on Save . The comment section has appeared below your videos! Disqus is activated!

To entirely customize your comment section, go to Disqus website. 

Access your account Sign up for free

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