Logos and clips : Instructions

Logos and clips are content present in your briefcase that you want to integrate to videos also available on the briefcase. 

Logos are images resized and embedded on a defined area of your video while clips are videos embedded on a defined length at the beginning or the end of another video. 

You can find the logos and clips editing tools when hovering over My publications and clicking on Manage logos or Manage clips.

As soon as you have created your logos and clips library, you can find the "embedding tools" when editing your video in your briefcase. Click on the pen icon to edit the video, then, click on Insert a logo or Insert a clip

Create a logo or a clip :

  • Name : the name of your object as it will appear in the insertion drop-down list. 
  • Clip / Logo : Choose the right logo or clip in the drop-down list. It lists the images and videos that can be embedded in your video.
  • Target : You can choose to make available the insertion of this logo to all the users of a project, to none of them or to a defined list, selecting them with the drop-down menu. 

Click on Save to create your new logo or clip. 

Edit and Delete a logo or a clip 

Use the buttons on the right of the logo / clip :

  • Pen icon : to edit it
  • No entry sign : to delete it

Edit and Delete a logo or a clip 

Click on "Modify" when hovering over the video you want to edit and insert a logo or a clip. 

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