Keywords : Instructions

The keywords are indexation elements than can be associated to published content in order to facilitate the indexation or, if you have a "add-on", to propose an original browsing in your publications.

They are managed independently from your publications in a dedicated library. This function enables you to create a complete thesaurus. 

The existing keywords list and the settings are accessible from My Channels --> Tags management. 

Manage your keywords easily in Libcast platform

  • Name : the keyword you want to create

Click on Save, and the keyword will be created.

Two additional fields appear for the PREMIUM accounts :

  • Target : it enables you to determine a keyword to channels instead of resources in order to create a "channels cloud". 
  • Perimeter : in order to propose the keyword to the whole project or limit the use to one or several channels. 

Modify or delete a keyword

Use the buttons on the right of the keyword you want to edit. :

  • pen : to edit a keyword
  • "no entry" sign : to delete a keyword

Associate a keyword to a publication

To associate a keyword to a publication, go to Publications. Then, click on the pen icon on the right of the publication you want to add keywords. In the editing page, you will see the keywords menu listing those available and permit to tick one or more. Click on Save

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