Create, modify, delete a channel

A channel is the area where your videos are published. It enables you to organize your content and editorialize your videos. 

Add a channel 

When signing up to Libcast, a "by default" channel is created, and is called "my channel" . Of course, you can rename it. 

To add a new channel, go to Publications --> Modify --> Add channel 

Then, you can complete the different fields :

  • Title* : your channel name, as it will be displayed online
  • Subtitle : if you want a detailed title
  • Description : to explain the content of the channel, the theme etc.
  • Visibility : to define if the channel is private or public
  • Player theme : the same video player theme is applied to all the videos of the channel.
  • Player behavior : the same player behavior is applied to all the videos of the channel. 

(*only the Title field is compulsory)

Then, click on "Save" to create the channel.

Add a channel

Edit a channel 

You will find all your channels in Publications. On the right of every channel name, you can find :

  • A list : of all the videos published in this channel
  • A yellow pen : to edit the fields of your channel 
  • A red "non entry" sign : to delete your publication (it will suspend the broadcast but not the content linked to the briefcase)

Edit a channel

Delete a channel

Go to Publications --> on the right of the channel name (the one you want to delete), click on the red "no entry" sign. This will delete the channel but also the totality of the publications inside. Be careful : this action is irreversible.

delete a Libcast channel

Customize a channel

You can customize a channel in order to enhance it.
To add a header, go to Publications --> Modify media --> Customize --> Banner. Choose the header from your computer (900 x 200 px).
You can associate a URL to your header in the field "Header link URL". 
You can also customize the colors of your channel thanks to a large choice of colors in our palette.
The link on the bottom of the page is also customizable. 

Customize your channel to your brand colors

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