Create, modify, delete a publication

The My Publications section gathers all the published videos from your briefcase, and their publication datas. Your Libcast account lists, by default, all the publications in a same channel.

Create, modify, delete a Libcast publication

If you have a Premium account or a add-on, you can manage several channels. If it is the case, go to this article to know how to manage the channels. 

Create a publication

In order to publish a video from your briefcase, hover over it, and, in the contextual menu, click on "Publish".

Then, you can complete the different fields: 

  • Title* : name of your publication, as it will appear online (it can be different from the original video name).
  • Subtitle : if you want a detailed title
  • Description : to explain/present what is in the video, add an exercise etc.
  • Published on : date of publication
  • Broadcasting end date :  you can choose the date from when your publication will not be accessible anymore. 
  • Visibility : you can choose if your publication is public or private (and then, you can determinate the users who can access the video). 

(*only the title field is compulsory)

Then click on Save to publish your video.

Help LibcastGood to know !

If you have additional fields on this page, you may have a premium account. 

Modify or delete a publication

You can see all the publications when going to My Publications
On the right of every publication name, you can see various tools :

  • the eye : to watch your content from the Console,
  • the pen : to edit the fields of your publication a posteriori,
  • the statistics : to access the analytics tool
  • the screen : to access the Widgets management , created around your publication.
  • the red "no entry" sign : to delete your publication (it will suspend its broadcasting but will not delete the content in your briefcase).

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