How to change the video of a publication or a Widget already online ?

As soon as you publish a video from your briefcase, a publication is generated and is the starting point of the embed codes. 

But it is possible that you notice, afterwards, that your video has a defect. Creating a new publication is non-conceivable given that X websites are embedded the Widgets and that a new publication will reset the statistics. 
Libcast offers you the possibility to replace a video.
That is to say, you are able to change the content behind the original publication in order to maintain the widgets, shares and statistics. 

How to replace the video of a publication :

  1. Go to your briefcase (My Documents) and upload the correct video. Do not publish it !
  2. Search the publication with video you want to replace in Publications then in the channel where your video is. 
  3. On the publication to edit, click on the pen icon
  4. The first field of the new page lists all the videos in your briefcase.

Replace a video on Libcast

As soon as the new video is selected, clcik on Save. Your video is replaced by the new one in your publication and all the associated Widgets. 

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