Upload a video or delete one from my briefcase

The briefcase is the private space in which you can upload, store and enhance your videos. You can also share and publish them.

Upload your content 

Go to your briefcase and upload your video

You can upload content in your briefcase : uploading content from your Hard Drive

  • uploading content from your computer / Hard Drive 
  • using the audio recorder
  • using the video recorder
  • or preparing a Webcast if you would like to realize a live streaming.

Every resource, at the end of the upload, is automatically encoded. Your videos are represented by a wheel with the inscription "encoding", then, a thumbnail appears. 

Possible actions

Once your content is uploaded and encoded, a contextual menu appears at the top right corner of the thumbnail when hovering over the small grey arrow.  

a contextual menu appears . You can edit or delete your video from here

The following features are accessible from this menu : 

  • Publish : broadcast your video.
  • Modify : change the name of the video, create a private URL, share the video with other users ...
  • Download : download a copy of your video 
  • Delete : delete the video from the briefcase
  • Studio : enrich your video with subtitles, chapters, create Rich-media or a sequence.

Manage the video content

You can sort your videos out by creating folders. Then, drag and drop your videos into the folders.
Click on "new folder" (on the top right), give it a name (you can edit it at any time), then click on OK.
You can create as many folders as you want.  

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